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Our new DR6200 Rally Car intended for the dakar rally in South America. Some of the cars details include 18 inches of travel in the rear, 19 in the front, with a ls3 power plant tied into an albins transmisson for optimal power.

103 gallons of fuel will keep this car running through the long stretches of desert and mixed terrain. With our uniquely designed body we keep an agressive look while staying very aerodynamic. Easy to access spare tires along with our unique patented electrical jack system makes fixing a flat a breeze.

A fully sealed cab with factory windshield wipers and air conditioning will help keep the cab comfortable and keep clear vision through mud and water top priority. Ap racing calipers combined with tilton master cylinder and pedal gives the car a comfortable brake that works very well.

Combining the best of the American and European worlds together in this one car, we manage to keep a strong, great handling car that's well rounded in every aspect to get you to the finish line.

DR6200DR6200 DR6200