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keep an eye out for our 4 wheel drive system that will be available in our scorpion UTV

Drakart has made cars for a long time,and designed the 5 link suspension way before the first UTV was born.Drakart built many cars with

CVT (belt driven transmission) with high perfomance 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.But the problem has allways been the belt. Drive belts have been improoved along with the clutches. Today all ingeneers in the world can never find a reliable solution,so today when you go somewhere

with your UTV you must carry a spare belt.That piece of rubber will no last,and thats why Drakart chose a chain instead of belt.In the same ridding conditions the chain will last between 1 and 2 years.It will wear out but will never break.This is a HUDGE plus compared to our competitors.

    I have worked in the past with a big snowmobile manufacturer and worked with those R&D ingeneers,one think you should know is,that CVT belt transmission, works the best in cold conditions.Belt efficiency will work the best @ 85%.For exemple: 100 HP @ the cranck shaft

gives you 85 HP on the driven clutch,compare to a chain in the worth conditions will give you 96% of efficiency.

With our transmission,you will never be embarrassed in a front of your wife and kids,when you have to replace the belt stuck in the sand.

Think DRAKART !!!!!